We are a full service rental company. We deliver the equipment, set it up, and we stay for the entire time of the rental to operate the equipment.

Our operators are the most part of our service. All operators are very experienced with our equipment. Every ride is custom to the skill and ability of the person on the ride at the time.

Each piece of equipment can have different requirments of set. Please see below for the ride that you want to rock your event.

Bull "Fluffy"-

220v Electric on at least 40 amp breaker

    - At most houses we can plug right into the outlet where your clothes dryer plugs in

    - We have about 180 feet of cord to get from the set up area to a source of 220v electric

One regular 110v outlet for the blower on the air mat

20x20 Open floor space

12 foot clear ceiling height above where the bull is going to operate

Bull "Kix" and "The General"-