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Setup Area: 10x10

Outlets: 1

DescriptionHuman Gyroscope
This is a powered human gyroscope. It is an exhilarating amusement ride that allows not only one but two riders to experience weightlessness and the roll and tumble associated with spaceflight at the same time. The design is based on a training simulator knows as the multi-axis trainer developed by NASA in the 1960's, during the Gemini and Apollo space programs, to help train astronauts for the rigors of space flight. The success of the multi-axis trainer, in simulating the experience of weightlessness; as well as, the roll and tumble of the space flight, let to the US Air Force developing a similar device to help train jet pilots.

The multi-ring design; as well as its variable speed capabilities mean that a riders' experience is unique to each ride. Adventurous riders can ride multiple times having a unique experience each time. 

The small foot print of this amusement ride makes it perfect for just about any party or event imaginable. Whether you are planning a backyard birthday party or a large corporate event this is a perfect addition.

NOTE: Riders do NOT experience motion sickness because of the changing direction of the spin, which keeps the inner ear balanced. It is the spinning fluid in the inner ear that causes dizziness, which in turn causes motion sickness. 

Rental Includes:
- Trained Operator

- Maximum height 6'2" 
- Maximum weight 250 lbs per person

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